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When Abdulla is not working as an executive and businessman, his greatest personal enjoyment is spending time with the most important people in his life – his wife, daughter and family. He also fills his personal life with highly challenging but rewarding outdoor sporting experiences (as highlighted below) that have raised money for important causes that are near to both his and his family’s heart.


Young Presidents Organisation

With his recent election as Chairman of YPO Khaleej (representing the 6 Gulf Cooperative Council Countries), Abdulla’s primary goal is to raise more awareness and work with other business leaders to lobby towards Gulf wide standards and measures of social impact which can later be translated into bigger and better incentives and economic credits for social businesses. He is in the process of organizing a regional Summit in Bahrain for Gulf members of YPO to participate and implement this pivotal initiative. He has received the approval of a number of senior government officials and the planning for this event is targeted to take place in April 2021. 

Conference Crowd
Holding Plant

Sustainability + Charitable Fundraising Initiatives

Abdulla has a compelling and compassionate vision that has inspired companies in both Bahraini and the Gulf over recent years to operate with a new and sustained way of doing business. He has supported, mentored, developed, and incentivised various organisations and entrepreneurs to develop businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact. 


He is responsible for establishing charities and businesses that have made a positive impact on the lives of Bahraini’s. 

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Abdulla’s fundraising achievements are noteworthy with hundreds of thousands of dollars raised, over recent years, to improve the lives of low income people in Bahrain and other parts of the world. His social work is now evolving into making large scale, fundamental change to the social structure of businesses in Bahrain. This is being done by influencing policymakers and bringing to light the need to change the way businesses are recognized and incentivized by the authorities. 

Mountain Climbing - Fund Raising

Abdulla balances the many dimensions and accountabilities of his work life with a sense of adventure and a personal passion for scenic mountain climbing and hiking. He has successfully climbed the mountain summits of Elbrus, Russia and Kilimanjaro, Africa. He plans to globally summit all “7 peaks”, including Aconcagua in Argentina over the upcoming 12 months.

Every summit Abdulla climbs comes with a cause. The Kilimanjaro, climb raised over US$20,000 to achieve the dreams a few children through the Dreams Society. The Elbrus Russia climb, raised over $10,000 which went directly to a school in Lebanon which was educating Syrian children below 12 who lost several years of schooling as a result of the devastating war. 

[Abdulla believes that when you climb a mountain, it frees your mind and allows you to get away and focus on what’s important. It has an ironic similarity to a person’s life and career. On your way up, you feel as if not only are you climbing the mountain before you, but also the mountain within you. Just as it is with a person’s life, it is completely fine to fail, completely fine to struggle, and completely fine to feel weak and vulnerable; but the most important thing is that you keep on going and you keep on climbing, step by step, until you achieve what you desire.]



and Marine 


Abdulla is the Chairman and Co-founder of Bahrain Rowing Center- BRC is the 1st Professional Rowing company in Bahrain.


The company has a big Social impact in Bahrain with it’s prime missions being:

1. Protecting the Marine Environment in Bahrain

2. Supporting disabled athletes by providing training and use of assets for free


3. Sponsoring and training a Bahraini to compete in the Olympics. 

Founder and Chairman of

The Art Space- Bahrain Bay

Established in 2018, The Art Space is an Art Studio, Gallery, Learning Center, and coffee shop. The business seeks to address a gap in Bahrain where local artists are unable to propel themselves to the regional and international art scene and do not have sufficient learning resources to grow and advance. The space also promotes mental well-being and learning through art therapy sessions and workshops. 

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